Thank you for checking out my web-site. 

I am a country girl living in a small town in Missouri, not far from where I grew up as a little girl, smack dab in the  Bible belt . 

I grew up being taught that anything to do with the psychic world was of the devil and to be avoided at all costs, otherwise I would end up burning in hell for eternity. I was curious about psychic things, but was not willing to take that kind of chance with my soul and so avoided just about everything to do with it. 

Then my significant other passed away. Four hours after His death, he and I, very much to my surprise, began to have conversations back and forth in which I clearly heard His thoughts that were directed towards me. 


It was during this time that I began to question the validity of all the teachings I had heard from a young age around communication with spirits. I began to investigate ESP, psychic claims and mediumship. Wondering how much of it was really real and how much was bogus scammers. What I found is that many who are involved in these types of activities are lovely, lovely souls, who care very much about the integrity and the responsibility of what they were doing. 

These people helped me to realize and appreciate that I have a gift to offer those around me. One that brings them comfort, clarity and help. It is my desire to bring all of my psychic clients real clarity as they make the decisions that are so important to them on their journey through this lifetime. 

Since discovering my psychic abilities, I have also been exploring ideas about healing from a spiritual point of view. After taking some classes on self-healing, I was able to adapt those concepts and found them useful to improve the well being of those around me as well. This was how my addiction relief service began. After growing up in a family riddled with addiction, and knowing so many who fall prey to it, addiction became one of the first things that I focused on helping people to overcome. 

Since then I have been involved in reiki at the practitioner and master levels. The healings and wonders that Spirit continues to show me through reiki always keep me excited. I love to teach reiki classes to pass on to others the ability to bring Reiki to bear in their lives and situations. I also continue to do the treatment sessions for clients, always looking forward to the good things they have to tell me after their sessions! My goal with the reiki is to be a real and tangible help to all who request my services in that area. 

Looking forward to working with you soon.  :)


Peace to all.