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Hey, Amista.

I just finished your recording. It was beautiful and extremely helpful. Spot on with your information! You had me laughing most of the time...Thank you again for this special experience, Amista. I won't hesitate to contact you again for any other concerns I may have in the future. 




I don't usually post readings but I felt it was unfair on Amista not to. I am weary about making payments over the phone and do have some trust issues myself. I've never used a psychic found online before. However, Amista e-mails payment confirmation to you before starting the reading and even offers a refund at the start if you don't feel that she's connecting. This isn't something I've been offered with other readers. 

Not only was Amista accurate, but I felt extremely at ease and as if I had a personal connection with her. I will not hesitate to use her again. If you are looking for an online distant reader, then I think this is your person. Though she starts to use cards initially to make a connection (not something I'm a fan of), they are very accurate and she is 'spot on' with her psychic abilities. The only negative comment that I have to make is that I wish I'd booked a longer session. I could have spoken to her for hours. There is such a personal connection with her and even when discussing issues that I have been worried about, I felt placed at ease. An amazingly wonderful person to have a reading with.



Very clear, great energy, kind, calm. Really helps with clarity and is very thorough. Sweet person, beautiful spirit. I highly recommend Amista.


Amista is AMAZING! She is very thorough in her readings. I highly recommend her.
Thanks again for the amazing reading last weekend. I walked away with two really powerful words -- moving forward and empowerment. I've had a very liberating week. I am very happy to craft a post on your web site. 
I had a very powerful reading with Amista today. The information which came through was concise, inspirational and extremely helpful. 

Thanks, Amista


Amista, Thank you for the wonderful reading yesterday. It had much clarification on my big questions of the future. And of what is going on right now. I felt such ease and grace during the reading. Thank you for being such a bright light. 


Thank YOU for everything tonight.  You have an amazing gift and I wanted to thank you for your willingness to share it with us.  The evening left me with such positive reassurance and peace about "things" that I don't understand or have insight into. 

As M shared with you, we think we figured out who the first person was that came through.  I don't know why it didn't click at first, but as M and I were talking, I thought of a picture I have of our Grandpa hanging on the wall.  He is dressed in a button up shirt and trousers with the cap you described/showed us and he is leaning against an old model T (his first car)… 

The most important message was delivered by R.  As we said, he and M were very close and although his death was hard on all of us, it was especially hard on M.  What you said left no doubt in my mind that it was him and I believe that the words you conveyed to M were very powerful and healing...for all of us. We can move forward with peace in our hearts and we can't thank you enough for that!!...

You most definitely can post whatever words help people to get an understanding of who you are and what your gift is.  You need to share this gift with others!!! 

It was a pleasure meeting you!  Thanks again!! 


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