I had made on offer over Easter of 2018 to everyone on my mailing list to send them some reiki energy as an Easter gift for whatever intention that they requested. This is what someone who responded to that offer wrote to me in an email after I had infused a candle with reiki energy to help her with some specific emotional issues that she was dealing with:

thank you so much for the reiki energy candle. I have to say before I even knew you were sending it (had lit the candle for me) all of a sudden I got emotional out of nowhere with some tears. When I went to check my email before my company came over, probably about a hour in I realized. Then after a while it subsided into a calmness. So again thank you very much



This is what someone wrote about me in Facebook on November 19, 2017. I have just copied and pasted the entry here: 

Tammy Hodgkinson Amista is amazing I got a reading from her and she helped me to see what I clearly could not see without her. Still healing but she helped me find a good direction. I received my very first Reiki session through Amista as well and I have to say honestly it was a positive, healing, experience for me! I truly think everyone should try it. I am so glad I found her she is a genuine person with a gift & clearly wishes to help others. <3 Amista please feel free to share this with others :-)


This is what someone I met when we were between second and third grades going to our parish summer catechism classes together has to say about her reiki experience with me: 


I have had several experiences with Reiki with Amista now and I am so grateful for every one. Reiki has made amazing differences in my life. My first experience with Reiki was before I even knew what it was. I had just gone through a devastating break up. Without use of any kind of substance I had been awake for almost three days, I hadn't eaten because I could not. In talking to Amista, who is not only my reiki practitioner, but also has been my friend since childhood, she told me emphatically that I needed to eat. I argued saying I couldn't but when I listened to her, I not only got some food down but it stayed. She offered to send me some reiki long distance, (we live 800 miles away from each other). While I didn’t know what it was really, she seemed sure that it would help me. More because she is my friend than because I believed anything could help me right then, I agreed to let her send the energy to me. I was in a bad place. i was in a hotel room. with someone I should not have been with.  I got some food and ate and then I went back to the room and was texting people and all of a sudden mid text, i fell asleep. That was at about ten oclock.. the next thing i remember it was 3 am. I woke up long enough to finish the text I had started. at ten. I was immediately asleep again until eight am. I woke up feeling...better. My situation hadn’t changed but I felt better Lighter. Not happy but not as broken. Better. I called Amista and I said, “ok, what did you do?” and she explained Reiki. Now that was almost a year ago and since I have had Reiki once to twice a week. I have had great success financially, my business has gotten bigger and more productive. I can smile at my bank account. But most importantly my relationships have gotten healthy. My broken relationship has turned into marriage. My time with my children has become more quality time. I have even found more quantity. And I smile. Not just because someone is watching. I smile because I feel it all the way to my toes. Somehow I always knew that God would come through for me. I knew He was there but somehow I just didn’t feel that I was worthy of His attention. Reiki has improved that relationship too. I feel closer to Him on so many levels. I wake up most all mornings now smiling. When things go bad throughout my life, I have come to look for Reiki. Things going bad have become few and far between. I keep my Reiki going on a weekly basis because it makes me feel secure. I know that things, as great as they are now will only continue to get better and better. Just when I think it can't get any better, it always does. I cannot wait to see what fantastic things come along next as I continue reiki treatments with Amista!



This is what J. E. C. R. wrote to me in a note I recieved in January 2017 after recieving a distant reiki session from me 4 months earlier:

Amista...since your reiki session for me, on August 25th, without thought, I just didn't smoke again!!! Many well wishes and blessings to you this new year!!! 



This is what Vicki White who donated to help pay for the cost of my reiki apprenticeship program had to say after I gave her a little reiki as a thank you  gift. (Words in parentheses have been added for clarity):

If you have not donated to this wonderful woman yet I highly recommend her! ..I have been a faithful follower of Amista (on YouTube) for a long while so I gave a small amount to her just out of appreciation, what I received was a great deal of personal attention and compassion, the affirmation she gave me was worth it alone! The reiki I recived made me start singing to music on the radio again ...She is a beautiful light that this world need more of ...thank you so much Amista :) Lots of light and love to you




This was written to me after A.M.L. from Pennsylvania discovered a video I had posted on YouTube sending out reiki energy to whoever would recieve it and for whatever intention they chose to set, or alternatively, for whatever would be most beneficial to the person receiving the energy. 

"I had just experienced a bad time in my marriage of 21 years. But couldn't find the tears or feelings.  I felt like I needed to feel something besides a twinge and lingering heavyness.  I was afraid of when the dam would burst.  

Amazing that I found that place to begin a healing process during your Reiki session.  As the time progressed my feelings began to unfold and I did feel...my first steps to healing.  

It is important to me that I take care of my soul, my journey will be alone for awhile. Empty nest.  There are so many things I don't want to feel.  But at least, I am feeling peace.  I am feeling good.  Probably the only time in my life when alone that I feel good."