This is a piece that I found at a booth at an antique mall. I got an unbelievable deal on it at the time because apparently the booth owner didn't realize what they had. Even though it's a smaller sized sphere, it's very powerful. I have had a lot of fun with it and notice that when I use it to read for someone, the color actually lightens up before our eyes because it's so happy to be used in that way!


These 2 pieces I found at the same time. I was doing readings at For Heaven's Sake's second location on Kipling in the Denver Metro area one day and both of these stones called out to me. Those of you who are familiar with my reiki candle service may recognize these from pictures of the alter that I send to you. I just love them because the reflective colors are so different. I like to think of them as related to each other, but not twins.


This is the latest bit of Labrodorite that I found. I bought it last summer going into fall at the same place that I had found my first piece, the sphere pictured above. The necklace actually caught my eye one day as I was window shopping there and I couldn't get it out of my mind because it had called to me so strongly. I made an agreement with it that if it would stay there until I had the money to get it, I would come back for it.

Seven days later I was back and so was the lady who owned the booth the pendant was in. (They are only required to be in the shop once or twice a month from what I understand.) I was able to negotiate a better than usual deal with her because she was there.