This is for those who are serious about breaking free from an addiction.


This is work done on a spiritual level to help get rid of the cravings for whatever thing a person can become addicted to.  During our time together I simply pull away from you any energy that supports the addiction.


Although I have done work on people who have used my services solely to walk away from their addiction, I recommend using my help as a part of your plan to quit the addiction.


What I do deals with the spiritual root of the problem, I advise that you do things to help yourself deal with the physical part of the problem as well.

These sessions usually take about 15 minutes to perform, at the most.

These sessions can be performed in my home or by phone and are just as effective either way.

My charge for this service is $150.00. (Generally follow-up sessions are not needed, however this price does include up to 5 follow-up sessions as a courtesy.)